Terms & Conditions

All work to be completed in a professional manner according to standard practices. Any alteration or deviation from specifications involving extra costs will result in additional charges over and above the estimated price. All agreements are contingent upon strikes, accidents or delays beyond our control. Our workers are fully covered by Workers Compensation Insurance. Not responsible for any pipes, utilities or underground sprinklers that were not properly installed by a previous contractor or incorrectly marked by any utility mark out services. Not responsible for broken sprinkler heads. We reserve the right to utilize property pictures in local or web based advertisement campaigns.


To the fullest extent permitted by law, the owners and managers of above mentioned property shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless Kindergan Landscaping, LLC., its owners, agents, consultants, employees, and subcontractors, from all claims for bodily injury and property damage that may arise from the owners or managers of said premises including any acts or omissions by the owners or managers of the property or subcontractors whether employed directly or indirectly, which occur while Kindergan Landscaping, LLC., is not physically on premises.


  • The homeowner is to obtain all permits and approvals and pay all municipality fees(not included).
  • Kindergan or Ciccolella will call for all utility mark outs.
  • A copy of the survey and the location of the property lines is needed if the proposed work is near or next to the property line.
  • The clean-up of construction related debris, etc. prior to the start of job is not included in original proposal - (additional charges will apply).
  • Fees for this project have been estimated based on access with machinery. Fees are subject to change if access is changed or not granted.
  • During the excavation process, if additional roots, stumps, concrete or misc. debris is found, additional fees will be assessed including disposal fees. This cannot be foreseen until the project has been started.
  • If excess dirt or fill is removed from the site a fee of $300.00/tandem load will be charged (fee includes disposal and trucking).
  • Not responsible for damages to the existing paver concrete/asphalt surfaces that are being used under the normal course of construction to complete the project.
  • No recycled concrete aggregate will be used as the subbase for driveways, patios, or walkways.
  • Landscape repair work, including topsoil & seed are not included unless it is noted in the proposal.
  • Certain paving stones, patterns and color may alter the fee for the project (not standard).
  • Paver borders in all curved areas will be mitered to avoid large spaces between the pavers.
  • Not responsible for sprinkler heads or lines damaged during the excavation or demo process. Sprinklers may need adjustment or modification to accommodate the new plants and bedlines (not included). We can recommend a local irrigation company that we work closely with.
  • Not responsible for damage to invisible fence or any other type of pet retaining system.
  • Not responsible for damage to any utilities that cannot be marked out by utility company or 1-800 Dig.
  • Not responsible for any damage to any other type of underground wire or conduit that is not properly installed or is not installed to the proper depth.
  • All new plants /sod, seed must be properly watered.
  • Final layout of plant material will be done on site with customer or at contractor's discretion.
  • Plant material substitutions may be necessary due to availability at time of installation.
  • Certain field conditions may require adjustments to the actual location of plant material.
  • Fee includes a (1) year warranty on all the cost of new plantings providing proper care is taken. Labor charges will apply to all plant replacements. Perennials/annuals are not warranted.
  • In order for your warranty to be effective a Plant Health Care Program must be implemented by (Kindergan Landscaping or other) within (1) month of the installation date.
  • A final invoice will be issued for any additional materials and labor not included in the original proposal.
  • A final take off measurement will be done at the completion of this project. Final square footage will determine the final fee for the project.